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I still have your underwear. I still have your v i r g i n i t y(Juno 2007)

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ultimate master post of interior spaces

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Underwater Paintings by Eric Zener

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Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, and Amy Poehler

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places i wish i was

  • on a spring picnic in a quaint english village
  • eating macaroons in a parisian boulangerie
  • sipping a pumpkin latte in a warm coffee shop on a rainy october day
  • picking blackberries on an august morning
  • at a summer evening garden party, wearing a white dress and drinking champagne
  • exploring a very old cemetery
  • in a rowboat, watching the sun rise on a misty morning
  • watching the ocean waves from a high stony ledge
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Terrace in the Estate - Stanislav Zhukovsky


Terrace in the Estate - Stanislav Zhukovsky

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Watch it in video

what the actual fuck

The entirety of my dream house

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